Welcome to Karni International School’s Website. We are delighted that you are interested in us and considering Karni International for your child’s education. We take this opportunity to give you an overview of the school. Karni is a pioneer, working on a pedagogy that is a perfect blend of technology, modern teaching methodology and cultural values. Being a vibrant, creative and energetic organization, we strive to make every learning moment joyful, effective and meaningful. The school is affiliated to CBSE and it strictly follows the CBSE-CCE pattern.

Why Us

Every Parent wants to be assured that the education that child gets is progressive, remedial, heuristic and interdisciplinary that covers the liberal arts as well as the sciences. At Karni International School, we endeavor to fulfill this elementary demand of the parents. We prepare our students to achieve academic excellence by enabling them to learn from the challenges of practical life but by retaining the cultural values. We encourage our students to take responsibilities through various intra and inter school activities, thereby empowering them to have their own insight and opinion on varied topics.


Our mission is to nurture young minds and transform them into civilized, ethical and empathetic Leaders of tomorrow. We strive to raise the students to become influential individuals of high spirit, integrity and unmatched intellect. At Karni International, we believe in inculcating a passion for learning and inquisitiveness, thereby making our students the learners for life. Therefore, we work to make each student of Karni an asset to the society. Because for our students, the frontiers of learning will extend beyond books, into the enrichment provided by art, music and sports. Our ambition is to produce Global Citizens of the 21st Century by exposing them to world issues and perspectives.