Co-Curricular Activities

1. Inter-house competitions
Karni is divided into 4 sub-units that are 4 houses: Pragyan (Knowledge), Praveer (Courage), Udhyam (Action) and Satya (Truth). In order to imbibe team spirit and inculcate group loyalty with healthy competition various in-house and inter-house co-curricular activities and competitions are organized throughout the year.

2. Yoga & Meditation
Healthy mind dwells in a healthy body, we at Karni acknowledge this old proverb and believe that importance of Yoga is unquestionable; therefore our professionally trained staff guide students to perform the asanas necessary to increase the concentration, focus and stay healthy. We have dedicated Yoga and Meditation room for our young minds to learn and attain tranquility.

3. Art and Craft
Some may regard art classes as luxury; however, learning to create and appreciate visual aesthetics is vital for the growth of the children. At Karni we have ample opportunities for students to learn various skills in drawing, sketching, painting (nature drawing/landscapes/still life/applied art), origami, papier-mâché, and other handicrafts.

4. Dance classes
Dance is the booster for confidence, high esteem and personal expression. While students learn discipline, teamwork, focus and cooperation they also attain flexibility and physical well-being through dance. Acknowledging the importance of dance, we have full time professional dance teachers to teach students western and classical dance forms.

5. Music classes
The left side of the brain is better developed with music and songs and thus for the young minds it is very important to attend the music sessions. With the help of music, students not just learn coordination, but also are more emotionally developed and empathetic. At Karni, we have a well-stocked music room with a variety of instruments like Tabla, harmonium, guitar, dholak, dafli, flute, drums etc. Our qualified mentors train and guide students to enhance their vocal and instrumental skills.

6. Educational trips, field trips and picnics
Trips and Tours engage the mind and rejuvenate the conventional process of teaching that not only educates but also entertains. Our educational tours supplement the classroom learning and focus on enhancing the students’ knowledge of arts, history, culture and geography. The educational and sports trips give students an array of opportunities to develop the bond with peers, groom themselves, boost their confidence and learn with fun.

7. Calligraphy and cursive writing sessions
Calligraphy is not just a technique or a way of improving handwriting, as mistakenly assumed by parents and students, but is equivalent to scholarly cultivation. It aids students in improving their eye-hand coordination, concentration and it helps them to express themselves more artistically. As practicing calligraphy requires passion and dedication, it makes students patient and hard-working.