1. World-class infrastructure in a pollution free environment
The lush green campus is built in a pollution free and peaceful environment. The school is well-equipped with the clean drinking water facility with genuine water coolers and water purification systems. Security of students is our prime concern and thus we have well equipped fire extinguisher systems and 24X7 security guards. The spacious, ventilated and well-furnished classrooms ensure comfortable, tranquil and joyous ambience that is essential for learning.

2. Smart Classes
The smart classes are equipped with interactive boards, audio visual aids consisting of projectors and screens with a host of other features. Special topics are taught with the help of this technology, ensuring enriching sessions between students and teachers.

3. Computer Lab
The only thing that is constant is Change, acknowledging this we at Karni endeavor to keep up the pace with changing corporate and social demand resulting from increased use of technology and computer. At Karni, we have dedicated a spacious computer lab equipped with the latest models and software, so that children have no inhibitions towards the technology. In addition to this, we have printers, scanners, webcam, speakers etc. centrally installed. Apart from their regular lab periods, students can use the systems for their assignments and online courses.

4. Laboratories
We believe that theoretical knowledge when backed with practical approach can help students understand the topics easily and quickly, thus our subject laboratories are open for students from the primary classes. We have safe and well equipped Science labs and Mathematics lab with all the safety measures strictly followed. The school has employed specialized staff to manage and keep all the labs up-to-date. We ensure that the chemicals and equipment used are of best quality.

5. Well Stocked Library
Our well-furnished and well-stocked library helps us to follow the unique “Discover-Experiment-Implement” model of learning. Capitalizing on the collection of over 1000s of books and research papers, students can read and produce their own insight and opinion on varied topics and subjects. Our passionate school librarian makes reading fun for students from a very early age by introducing them to the books relevant to them for their academic and personal growth.

6. Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" - This proverb is more relevant in today's time because in addition to the academic excellence, it is vital to have an exceptional hold on any co-curricular activity. Being "Jack of all trades” is demand of the new era. It is not only important for the relaxation and deviation of the mind, but also for the overall personality grooming. We have sports for all age groups so that children can relax and exercise at the same time with a sporting spirit. We have a team of experienced mentors and coaches who guide and train the children in various indoor games (chess, carom, table tennis etc.) and outdoor games (Skating, Football, Volleyball, Cricket etc.)

7. Transport Services
Karni International School has a fleet of buses with a team of trained drivers, conductors and attendants to pick and drop the students. Each Karni School bus is equipped with fire-extinguisher and medical first-aid kit. The details of bus routespick - up and drop - off points, time schedules, bus charges and other essential details are provided by the school at the time of admission of students.

8. Medical Aid
The faith and trust bestowed by parents are sustained on the back of our prudent approach and facilities provided to the students to deal with crucial situations. Apart from well-stocked medical and first aid kits on the school premises, the school has also tied up with local professional doctors and hospitals in order to provide quick medical facilities in case of an emergency. The school has its own transport vehicle ready to deal with any case of health emergency.