Message from the Founder

gyanam param balam

Welcome to Karni. I firmly believe in our motto that knowledge is the supreme power. When we started the Karni International School under the Vision Education Committee in 2002, we wanted to empower individuals by providing them quality education. We wanted to enable every student to develop their full potential by stimulating right kind of learning experiences that cover a wide range of effective and relevant set of activities. The environment of Karni is a perfect blend of modern teaching pedagogy and cultural values so that we deliver intellectual and ethical citizens. We nurture the young minds so that they can think critically, creatively and independently to achieve academic and personal goals. Karni inspires each student to learn and embrace the cultural roots, but also having deep insight from the global perspective. We wanted to do this so as to create global citizens with Indian values and culture, and I am sure, we did.

We have created a culture wherein learning has become an ongoing process. The school's teaching methodology is unique, where students can learn with fun and treasure the moments for lifetime. Our philosophy is focused on innovation and cooperation where students and teachers work as a team. Karni has created an environment of excellence and passion that drives our teachers and inspires our students. We have created the perfect ambience for learning that is healthy, safe, warm and enduring. And while co-creating, we accomplished what we wanted sooner than we imagined.

Thus, our vision and mission transformed with time and so did our processes and program. We enhanced our educational practices and our team worked closely with parents and students to design a program that can effectively deliver leaders for tomorrow. We are obliged to the parents who have bestowed their faith on us and have chosen us to anchor the journey of learning for their children.

- Rajendra Singh Akhawat