Dear Prospective Employees,

We are pleased that you are considering and being considered at Karni International School. At Karni International, Human Resource is considered to be the most precious asset as our team not just aims to teach and assist students, but work in a synergy to achieve the overall aim of the institute. We seek educators who believe in integrity and collaboration, while having a deep sense of professionalism. Our team members with their genuine interest form a partnership with the students to work together, share commitment and achieve excellence.

Karni International is the knowledge centric institute, thus along with our students, our teachers as well believe in the continuous process of learning. This gives them an opportunity to enhance their intellect along with their peers. We foster a positive working environment and provide the finest facilities essential to maintain this community of learners.

Few main categories are mentioned below. If you are interested and capable of becoming a part of our dynamic and self-motivated team please mail us your interest on

Note: We Strongly recommend you to communicate for any job related query or application etc. preferably in the month of February and March only. Please communicate only on our email address given above .

And for any query regarding job vacancies etc. after the months of February and March, you can contact us directly at :

Karni International School
Sanjeet Road, Mandsaur,
Madhya Pradesh, 458001.
Phone: 07422 - 244119, 283119; Mobile: +91 8827 556 675
(You can contact during 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m)