1. We Create Leaders
We believe in empowering which results in enhancing the leadership skills. With the responsibility of organizing special events and celebrations, students get the opportunity to enrich themselves as a team player and leader. In addition to this, every year the election and selection of prefects give students opportunities to hold the leadership positions like leading a student house, being a parade captain, class monitors, volunteers etc. This process helps students in identifying their leadership traits and liberates their qualities

2. Our Unique Teaching Methodology
Teachers at Karni effectively use an array of teaching strategies in order to make learning delightful and fun for students. Our vision has led us to endorse a learner-centric teaching methodology that focuses on “Discover – Experiment – Implement” model of learning that is practiced at all levels of the organization.

Step one of learning starts with the Discovery that leads to exploring unconventional ideas and angles to knowledge. Hands on experience through intriguing projects and exercises are vital aspects of this stage. In order to discover the unique aspect of each project it is important that children are engaged in the idea and concept throughout the process of learning. Therefore, our team of veterans designs the pedagogy that helps to support this exploration in children.

Stage two of learning path is enriched by experimenting. With their past knowledge and with the unconventional approaches discovered in the first step, students respond to the world through a newer, a deeper insight. Thus, at this stage they learn to analyze and restructure their actions, ideas and behavior.

Stage three of learning, ‘implementation’, is the main objective of every learning process as knowledge is unaccomplished unless it is applied and used to bring change. At this stage, the teachers stimulate the implementation of ideas by fostering the change in actions, ideas and thinking. Implementation transforms into “Experimenting” when students understand ‘what works’ and ‘what does not work’ so that they can work on restructuring and redesigning the idea.